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Golden Rules to Wearing a Lace Frontal - everything you need to know

If you are someone who hasn't tried wearing a lace frontal before and would like to learn about it - you've come to the right place!

No matter what's the season outside the door, there is always a need to protect our natural hair; whether it is the heat in the summer causing it to sweat, or the harsh cold air in the winter drying out our hair.

What is the Lace Frontal?

Lace frontal goes from ear to ear, so that the hair can be pulled back as if it were your natural hair.

Usually, stylists use lace frontals to create a new hairline that goes back around 2''. Frontals have also became very popular with people who suffer from thinning edges, hair loss or alopecia. Frontals have gained a huge popularity within the hair community since they appear to be the most natural looking style of hair extensions.

Lace frontals are easy to install and color. A frontal is a perfect choice for you if you are someone that likes changing and it is a great choice if your goal is to protect the edges of your natural hair that you would normally leave out in sew-in's. Being extremely versatile, the lace frontal allows you to rock about ANY style! How about a high ponytail?! 

Lace Closure vs. Lace Frontal

If you want to create a lace wig yourself, keep in mind that using a lace frontal is a better choice since it requires fewer hair bundles to create the wig.


  • In sew-in's lace frontals are usually proffered over closures, because they lay flatter against the scalp.
  • Another noticable difference is the size: lace closures come in 4*4 or 5*5, while size of lace frontals ranges from 13*4 to 13*6.
  • Lace Closures are less versatile, meaning that they have to be sewn into place, while Lace Frontals are intended to be bonded into place.

A Guide to Installing a Lace Frontal

To achieve the look you desire, the installation process for a lace frontal is the key to success. Therefore, we recommend selecting a professional hairstylist that you can trust. Make sure that you're purchasing quality lace frontal before making the purchase. Rapunzel Virgin Hair Boutique offers a ton of fantastic bundles and frontals to choose from if you're searching for something right now!

Installation methods for a lace frontal vary from stylist to stylist. Frontals can be installed with or without glue. It all depends on the technique offered by your hairstylist.

The hairstylist has to make sure that he/she uses the right adhesive for installation. There are specific glue types that were created for securing lace fronts. However, it is essentially important to do a patch test before applying the adhesive to make sure that it is compatible with your skin and doesn't cause allergies. Remember that even if you are using a glue-less adhesive, you still should test it on your skin first. If you plan to swim, make sure that you choose a waterproof adhesive.

At Rapunzel Virgin Hair Boutique you can purchase glue-less frontal units or wigs!

How to Remove a Lace Frontal?

It is preferred to hire a professional hairstylist to remove your frontal. However, if you want to carry the task yourself, you will need a C-22 Adhesive Solvent Spray. This product is an oil in spray form and it helps the frontal come off immediately. After the frontal is removed, you will need to use 91% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol basically) to clean your hairline off and completely remove any glue or residue.

Does a Lace Frontal Damage your Hair?

Any hairstyle outside of your natural look can be damaging. If you decide to go for a frontal, be aware of the potential damage your natural hair may face. When using the glue in frontal installations, understand that your skin may be damaged if you don't choose the correct paste. Be very careful when it comes to the choice of the glue. A frontal can protect your natural hair if is installed correctly!

How Long Does a Frontal Installation Last?

If you sweat a lot, a lace frontal is not for you, because it's not going to stick (if glued). Adhesive and sweat don't go well together. If glued, frontal installations last around 2-4 weeks.

Remember, that you can reuse your frontal as many times as you like. Just make sure that it’s not cut up and the adhesive is all removed.

In conclusion: your experience with a frontal will depend on what type of glue you use and the skill level of your hairstylist. 

Ready to shop for a Lace Frontal or have more questions? Contact one of our highly-skilled representatives right now via 24/7 Chat.

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